Saturday at Scale ModelWorld, 2018

The 2018 edition of Scale ModelWorld marks the second appearance of IPMS Middleton Cheney at the biggest and best model show on earth! But what theme to use for the club’s stand? Star Trek had done the business back in 2016, netting us the Best Club Display award, so how could we top that?

Bereft of ideas, we decided to call off an initial brainstorming session and instead did something far more enjoyable: we cracked open the beers and let liquid inspiration play its part. Of course, the answer hit us right away – why don’t we combine the delights of the golden nectar with our favourite pasttime and create a display that unites the two passions in our lives?

Apologies to the wives/girlfriends/significant others!

We welcome you therefore to “The Sprue and Decal Free House”, serving up model kit-themed liquid delights in Hall 2 of the International Centre, Telford. You’ll have to drink it all in with your eyes though, we’re not that generous! Featuring an impressive, thirst-quenching array of real ales and a smattering of ciders, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages, it really is a sight to be seen.

Thanks to all of those who came over to see our latest creation today and for all of the kind an generous feedback you lavished upon us. We are not worthy! Pop down and see us on Sunday to catch a glimpse of what we’ve created, or if you can’t make it to Telford, keep a look out for photos of the display. And if you’re planning show visits in 2019, you might just get to spot us again. More on that another time!

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